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From Raine & Horne Business Brokers Victoria to National Brokers Network

Before National Brokers Network became what it is now, it first started as a franchise of Raine and Horne, which was opened by real estate pioneers Tom Raine and Joseph Horne in 1883. Before the rebranding, National Brokers Network followed Raine & Horne's colour scheme of yellow and black. Now, National Brokers Network aims to start anew, with a flair of purple and green, and a new name to highlight the fresh look.

What sets National Brokers Network apart from other real estate companies is its iron-clad set of business practices that have been maintained to the present day - the unwavering commitment to providing personalised service and meeting a client’s property needs across leasing, sales, property management and consulting services for all types of property.


Corporate Profile

National Brokers Network utilizes green, and purple to symbolise "renewal and prestige" respectively.

With marketing across different media platforms, National Brokers Network ensures all listings receive maximum reach and exposure, for potential buyers. With their wide network, and innovative marketing, you are in good hands.

As the company consists of well-respected and seasoned professionals, you can bank on National Brokers Network to increase the confidence of sellers and buyers as they make their way in the real estate industry.

National Brokers Network is known as a company that steadfastly provides what clients need in terms of every kind of listing, whether sales, leasing, property management and consulting services. Find out how National Brokers Network's marketing power can get you the best price for you. Give us a call today at 9226 9222.



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