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Even after our rebranding from Raine & Horne Business Brokers Victoria to National Brokers Network, we are still committed providing in the best service for clients so that they are able to get properties that suit their budget, goals, and vision.


Experience and reputation

Formerly known as Raine & Horne Business Brokers Victoria, National Brokers Network is still part of the largest and longest real estate franchise group in existence, which is the Raine & Horne formed in 1883. We are proud to say that we have a good grasp of the industry's ins and outs through our years of experience with clients. If you choose the National Brokers Network, you can be sure that our agents will do their best to give you the highest price possible for your property.


The National Brokers Network's website is a modern-day tool that helps property sellers get a wider exposure and buyers find the best deals for them. The new website, which is dressed with a purple and green colour, offers user-friendly navigation and in-depth information to provide prospective buyers with the information they need with ease.

Professional agents

We always invest with our agents, providing them training on the best selling techniques and the latest in marketing strategies. National Brokers Network firmly believes to become a professional real estate agent is learned.

International capabilities

Listing your property with National Brokers Network allows exposure to local and international clients, unlocking more opportunities in selling your property. We offer clients a direct and cost-effective way of marketing their properties to the world.

Brand recognition

The new look of National Brokers Network is new within the industry, but with our expertise within the industry, especially the years we were called Raine & Horne Business Brokers Victoria, helped us mould real estate agents in becoming better with their respective negotiations and sales skills.



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